Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing Now – RISE IN TECHNOLOGY

Technology is changing humanity, community, business and the whole world. Smart phones, computers and internet has changed the way we communicate, the way we live and the way we think. On 1St July 2015, our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi, launched the campaign to transform India into a digitally empowered society and named this campaign as “Digital India”.

Technology awareness has increased in all field, such as, Education, Sports, Business, Banking, Railways, Healthcare and in many other fields we can see the revolution of digital technology. People are spending more time in internet every day, most of the gadgets we use in our day to day life needs internet such as laptop, smartphones, smart television, security system, smart speakers, etc..

Safe and secure earning in digital marketing in covid19

Many people lost their jobs during Coronavirus Pandemic. Many people doing business also had to stop their business. The people who lost their jobs, will they get a new job again? This is the main concern. Businessman are worried about how will their business run after this Pandemic. Will people come for shopping? There are many more questions…

But there was one point to be noted during this pandemic. Many companies allowed their employees to work from home. Most of the companies from these are IT companies. This means that the work was still the same for IT company employees. So we guess, that working in IT company’s future is bright. There are many different work profile in IT companies, one of which is Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing also has many different job profiles. So we are sure that even during this pandemic people working in digital marketing are having safe and secure income.

Digital Marketing help to build your brand Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services. And when this process takes place in digital platform, it is known as Digital Marketing. This way your product will reach to your clients very fast and you will progress rapidly. This can only happen when you study Digital Marketing.

Like, once the lockdown is lifted, people will attract more towards online shopping. So the online shopping sites will work more efficiently. But people will be concerned about how safe is the products we order online? So to make people aware, company need to create an ad. Either through video marketing or social media marketing, they will need to create an awareness among people about how safe is their process. This way you can make your brand stronger with the help of digital marketing.

Digital marketing can help you find a job with multiple earning options.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised Indians to be self-dependent. After lockdown, people will start small business or will work online from home. There are many jobs which can be done online from home. One such is Digital Marketing. If you are a good writer, if you have the knowledge of graphics, video editing or if you have a good knowledge of social media, then you can get a good job in Digital Marketing. If you don’t know anything from the above and you just have a basic computer knowledge, but you are passionate, then too you can learn Digital Marketing course and secure yourself in the world of digital marketing. This course can be done by anyone, be it a student, housewife, businessman or any age person. You can do digital marketing job along with your business or your current job. It can help you get multiple source of income. If you search on internet, 18 years old young people are earning lakhs from Digital Marketing. So we can say, Digital Marketing is very easy to learn and earn.

Digital Marketing helps reach potential audience easily

Targeting a right customer in your business is the key towards success. And that key is Digital Marketing. It helps you connect with right people at the right place, at the right time. In short, with the help of digital marketing, you can target the right audience for your product. Along with this, it also helps in searching fix customers for your products. If you want to come up with some new products, before coming up with it, you can easily know through digital marketing, that how many customers you can get and how many customers are interested in such products.


Before joining any digital marketing academy, you need to be clear about your objective and goal, whether you want to start with some business, or you want to be an advisor in some company or you want to do some job or you want to work as freelancer. If you have your goal fixed, you can move ahead in a right direction. There are many Academies who has presented their websites with celebrity pictures, some academy’s are offering course at the lowest fees or gives you best discount, do not fall in this trap. You should personally go and check the Academy, check their infrastructure and meet the responsible person so that you get an clarity about your thoughts. Check the profiles of the previous students and their progress so that you will get to know about the performance of the Academy.

Never join the Academies who teach you only with the help of books. Choose such Academy who gives you Live project to work on and also teaches you with new updates. Join the Academy who gives you Job placement after completing your course and also prepares you for the interviews.

Choose the Academy who is master in Digital Marketing, talking in Indian language, someone who is “Digital Pundit”, who will help you in making your future bright. Learn complete digital marketing course in Ahmedabad , SEO Course Ahmedabad at digital pundit and make your own path for your better future.

Why Social Bookmarking is Still Important in 2020 for New Website

In 2012 when we see penguin algorithm update most of the easy link building activities such as directory, bookmarking was penalized and many bookmarking and directory sites was banned but today we will learn why social bookmarking is still working specially when your website is completely new.

Social Bookmarking not only helps you increase traffic but it will also help your index pages and you get the opportunity to make your content viral.

Here are the points we will discuss in this blog:

Brand Awareness

For new website it is obvious that you required awareness for your newly created website and its good to share websites in the social bookmarking sites. It will bring traffic. And people will get aware of your brand and business.

Content Promotion

If you are doing good content promotion for your site than you can social bookmarking your post and it will build a good chain of links and it will do the good content promotion for your website as more and more people will be familiar to your website.

By posting your content on a regular basis on social bookmarking you will not only build your network but it will also give you an advantage in boosting your website ranking and also increase your domain authority.

Quick Indexing

You will see a steady rise in website visitors when you do social bookmarking on a regular basis. And when you are doing content marketing, continuous efforts highly required. Since social bookmarking sites are authoritative sites, search engine spiders or web crawlers visit these sites almost unceasingly and thus, by placing your sites link on them, you’re able to notify Google quickly about any new content on your site, leading to quick indexing of your web pages.

Help Generate Lead

Another advantage of doing social bookmarking is that it will generate leads and your content will reach the more and more relevant audiences. As lead generation is the most important of your business, social bookmarking is the must activity for generating leads.

Quality Backlinks

One thing is most important for you is that you must check domain authority of bookmarking website because there are a number of low-quality backlinks site, so if you are building a link on those low-quality bookmarking site then you won’t get any benefit, so it’s better to build quality backlinks using good bookmarking sites that is the only thing will help you.

Domain Authority

More you build a link from high quality social bookmarking sites it will gradually increase your domain authority and it will ultimately help you boost your website ranking. For checking domain authority you can use Moz Rank toolbar.

Strong Social

It will help you build a strong social platform and you will get visitors, domain authority improvement and quick indexing of your different blog pages. So the more you make your social presence strong it will help you get quality visitors.


Social bookmarking is one of the well-known Off Page Activities, if you think that building social bookmarking links is low-quality backlinks than I would like to clarify that if you make sure the social bookmarking sites DA is good and website is well maintained than you can surely do the social bookmarking it will guarantee to help you boost your website ranking and traffic, here I would like to share social bookmarking sites list that will help you. Enjoy bookmarking now.

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