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Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the tactic of online selling where an affiliate earns commission for each product sold by his/her recommendation. Before digital marketing grows affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of earning bonuses from referral. Affiliate marketing also help you build your brand at low rate.

How it Works:

The whole process of affiliate marketing has dual broader sides, one where you plan to hook up a customer in your website and the next, where the customers and merchants site does the rest.

Steps you need to do

• First you must join an affiliate program
• Thank pick your products that you want to promote
• share the links of the merchant site via social media or your own affiliate website
• plan to promote it
• wait until a buyer makes an acquisition via your shared link.

Next Phase

• Online shopper chooses to buy a product.
• They land on an affiliate marketing site (maybe on your website or social media pages)
• As soon as he clickson the links with the product, the customer is sent to the merchant’s site.
• As the purchase is made, you earn your affiliate commission.

Top Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

• Enhanced Overall Performance
• Bigger marketing efforts
• 3rd party validation
• Cost-effective
• Scale traffic effectively

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